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Professor of Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics
Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics Research Group
School of Engineering
University of Southampton
Boldrewood Innovation Campus
Building 176, Room 5059
Burgess Road
SO16 7QF, United Kingdom
Tel. +44-[0]23-8059-3384

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Research Interests

Innovative solution algorithms for computational fluid dynamics and computational engineering
    - Fluid-structure interaction simulation
    - Numerical methods for multi-phase and reactive flows
    - Dynamically adaptive Lattice Boltzmann methods
    - Cartesian methods with embedded geometries, level-set methods
Finite volume methods for multi-dimensional flows, especially for hyperbolic problems
    - Robust and reliable high-resolution shock-capturing schemes
    - Dynamically adaptive discontinuous Galerkin methods
Efficient large-scale and parallel numerical simulation of multi-physics problems
    - Fully coupled simulation of fluid-structure problems
    - Reactive flows, especially detonation waves
    - Large-eddy simulation of compressible turbulence with shock waves
High-performance and parallel scientific computing
    - Dynamic mesh adaptation and automatic load balancing
    - Multiscale modeling and simulation
    - Hybrid parallelization
    - Object-oriented concepts for large simulation software
Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems
    - Verification & validation and parameter optimization
    - Application of uncertainty quantification methods
Development of parallel hierarchical structured adaptive mesh refinement methods (SAMR)
    - Extensions of the hyperbolic Berger-Collela SAMR algorithm
    - Adaptive geometric multigrid
    - Scalability of SAMR algorithms on petascale architectures
    - Hierarchical multi-constraint partitioning algorithms
Photonics simulation
    - Reliable and higher-order split-step Fourier methods



Current Research Projects







Short biography

Professor of Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics, School of Engineering, University of Southampton

Adjunct Associate Professor in Mathematics, University Tennessee - Knoxville, Department of Mathematics

Jul 15-Jul 22

Associate Professor in Fluid Dynamics, Engineering and the Environment, University of Southampton

Jul 13-Jun 15

Group Leader "Computational Fluid Dynamics", Department Fluid Systems, DLR Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology, Göttingen

Sep 11-Aug 16

Faculty, Joint Associate Professor, UTK-ORNL Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Graduate Education

Aug 08-Jun 13

Research staff member in the Computational Mathematics Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Research affiliate University Tennessee - Knoxville, Joint Institute for Computational Sciences

Sep 06-Aug 08

Alston S. Householder Postdoctoral Fellow in Scientific Computing of the Computational Science and Mathematics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

since Oct 04

Chief software architect for the Virtual Test Facility (VTF), a software infrastructure for three-dimensional fully coupled fluid-structure simulations
AMROC is the dynamically adaptive fluid-solver framework inside of the VTF.
Collaborators can request login procedures for the VTF Wiki content management system per email.

Jul 03-Aug 06
Postdoctoral scholar in Applied and Computational Mathematics, California Institute of Technology
DOE ASCI Center for Simulating the Dynamic Response of Materials at the California Institute of Technology

Feb 98-Jun 03
Research Assistant at the chair for Numerical Mathematics and Scientific Computing, Technical University Cottbus
PhD thesis: Parallel adaptive simulation of multi-dimensional detonation structures
Development of AMROC - A Framework for Blockstrucured Adaptive Mesh Refinement in Object-oriented C++
Project: Analysis and simulation of flows for multi-component gas-mixtures, supported by German high-priority research program Analysis and Numerics of Conservation Laws
Teaching Assistant: Efficient implementation of numerical algorithms in C

Oct 92-Jan 98
Study of Applied and Technical Mathematics at Technical University Clausthal
Diploma thesis: Numerical coupling of the 3D flow-code FIRE to the 1D hydraulic-code AMESIM for the design of Diesel-injection systems

Detailed information, including a list of publications, can be found in my curriculum vitae.



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