Numerical Simulations of Gaseous Detonations

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Initial Conditions

For instance for

$\displaystyle \gamma=1.2,\; Q_0=50,\; E_0=50 $

two different exact solutions under the assumption of a stationary detonation wave are plotted in Fig. 2.1. Herein, f denotes the overdrive parameter, which is defined with respect to the corresponding Chapman-Jouguet velocity by

$\displaystyle f:=\left(\frac{d^\star}{d_{_{CJ}}}\right)^2=\left(\frac{D}{D_{_{CJ}}}\right)^2\;. $

Figure 2.1: Stationary ZND solutions. The abscissae display the normalized distance behind detonation front. Top: f=1.0, bottom: f=1.8.
Image pics/znd1d/f10.gif

Image pics/znd1d/f18.gif

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