Numerical Simulations of Gaseous Detonations

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Three-dimensional Simulation

The following graphs display schlieren plots (cf. Fig. 2.2) for a regularly oscillating three-dimensional configuration with

$\displaystyle \gamma=1.2,\; E_0=10,\; Q_0=50,\; f=1.2\;. $

The initial conditions are analogous to the two-dimensional configurations of the previous section. The detonation channel has the rectangular cross section 10x10.

Godunov-splitting is used for the incorporation of the source term and for the dimensional extension of a hybrid Roe-HLL scheme with MUSCL reconstruction. Automatic time step adjustment for CCFL = 0.95, Van Albada-limiter, 32 Pts/L1/2. Dynamic adaptive mesh refinement with AMROC with two additional refinement levels (refinement factors 2,3) was used. The computational time was 1530 h CPU time on Athlon 1.4GHz.


Detonation structure plotted on refinement grids.

Figure 2.2: Location and orientation of the two-dimensional roll-ups.
Image pics/znd3d/znd3dsketch.gif


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