Numerical Simulations of Gaseous Detonations

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Tube Width 12 Detonation Cells, Adaptive Refinement, H2:O2:Ar / 2:1:7, T0=298 K, p0=10.0 kPa

Image pics/diff2d/w10/lev_240.gif

Image pics/diff2d/w10/lev_small_240.gif

Image pics/diff2d/w10/lev_small_s_240.gif

Image pics/diff2d/w10/lev_small_s2_240.gif

Visualization of the refinement down to single cells. Density distribution on four refinement levels.

Image pics/diff2d/w10/dist_240.gif

Snapshot of the dynamic distribution to 48 computing nodes for the above adaption.

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